Dance performance and installation - 2013 - 50 minutes


An ever changing journey through a landscape of sound and imagery

dance and sound / space poetry


Raffaella Galdi: concept, choreography, dance, hats concept and construction, stage design, costume.

Fredrik Olofsson: technical sound concept and construction, sound landscape.

Dietrich Oberländer: light, stage design, production manager.

Odile Hautemulle: costume.

Mira Moschallski: assistance and dramaturgy.

The texts are inspired by a series of Lily Greenham´s voice improvisation

Duration: 50 minutes

Creation: 2013

Premiere: 26th April 2013, Kunstmühle Braunschweig.

Production: Raffaella Galdi and artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig

Financial support: Stiftung Braunschweig Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz and Stadt Braunschweig.

With the kind support of Tanzfabrik- Berlin.

Special thanks to Andrea Jenni, Lucie Rifad, Stefan Wirsing.


The research project “dance sound space poetry” has been giving shape to this work.


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"I am in the world for the sole purpose of composing" (Franz Schubert)