Dance approach

Raffaella Galdi´s dance methodology


Raffaella developed a pedagogic methodology to share and pass on her experience and knowledge in dance. Always true to an ongoing process of evolution and maturation, she keeps on questioning and refining her method, which finds its base in three simple principles: the body-mind connection, to be in the present moment, breathing; the use of the bone structure, its natural alignment and articulations; the relationship of the body to gravity.

Her teaching is directed towards dancers and encourages them to discover their own body as an instrument and to deflect themselves from their habitual movement pathways. It enlarges their awareness and places them more solidly in the present.

Her role as an educator is to coach, guide, assist via suggestions, assignments and exercises. Raffaella teaches as a free lancer as well as for theatres and dance companies, for professionals and students.

Teachers which have influenced her dance approach are LaborGras (Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi), Rebecca Hilton, Susanne Klein, Barbara Mahler, Claude Coldy, Rosalind Crisp. Release technique, Feldenkreise, Klein technique,  are currently feeding and nourishing her passion for the body, movements and dance.

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