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contemporary dance training appointments with Raffaella Galdi

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Company traning with InCorpo and Cie. Kinoun

Each Tuesday and Thursdys from 12:00h till 13:30h

Spa Holmes Berlin


Danceworks School Berlin (more info

Raffaella is regularly teaching at the Danceworks School Berlin, responsible for the TAB education.

September 2020 on going

Contemporary Dance





Danceworks School Berlin

Oudenarder Straße 16-20

13347 Berlin

Osram-Höfe, Eingang A8, 2. Etage / U9 Nauer Platz

Studio research

collaboration between InCorpo and  Cie. Kinoun

January 2020 on going

(with a break between March and July)

Each Tuesday and Thursdys

Spa Holmes Berlin

September 2019 on going

Each Thursdys

PhynixTanzt Studio, Berlin

Choreographers: Raffaella Galdi and Jannis Polyzos

Dancers: Laura Giuntoli, Kostantinos Spyrou, Jannis Polyzos, Raffaella Galdi 


Two standing Eggs (click here to watch video)

dance video

In collaboration with Jannis Polyzos

Creation: 2020 - 6 minutes - Recorded in April 2020, in Berlin

Concept: Jannis Polyzos

Performers: Raffaella Galdi and Jannis Polyzos

Music: Vincenzo Bellini, "I Capuleti ed i Montecchi" 

Editing: Jannis Polyzos, Sebastian Diaz

Produced by Jannis Polyzos and Raffaella Galdi

Supported by Tanja Liedtke Foundation

Danceworks Students Performance

31st January and 1st February 2020 at 19:30h



Oudenarder Straße 16-20

13347 Berlin

Osram-Höfe, Eingang A8, 2. Etage / U9 Nauer Platz

Tickets: 5€

Tickets being sold directly with the Students from Danceworks. More details on contact + tickets:


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