Breaking out

Breaking out (from solitary confinement)

a dance solo created for Laura Giuntoli - 2018 - 12 minutes

Breaking out (from solitary confinement) is a dance solo created for Laura Giuntoli. It projects to the outside her inner dialogue and the exploration of her inner universe. A magnificent journey into the inner world and the revelation that in the end we are all alone with ourselves.

“Get to know ourselves is a journey. An internal relationship of contrasts and pats on the shoulders. In this journey I learn to see myself for what I really am, because I can deceive others, even those who know me well, but I can not lie to myself, it is impossible. I learn to accept the faults and weaknesses that make me human and real. They are part of me. I do not have to escape or hide myself to show that I am better. From the difficult moments curled up on my thoughts and situations that seemed to have no way out, to liberation in the awareness of having made it, with only the answers and the strength found inside me. In the end we are all alone with ourselves.“

(Laura Giuntoli, January 2018).

Concept, choreography, lights and costume: Raffaella Galdi

Dance movements and performance: Laura Giuntoli

Music: “Last days in the desert” - Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans

Assistance: Lina Kukulis

Produced by InCorpo/Raffaella Galdi and Laura Giuntoli

Supported by Tanz und Theatre Phynixtanzt/Studio Berlin, Urbanraum Berlin, Performing Art Festival Berlin

Premier: 10th June 2018 - Performing Art Festival Berlin, Urbanraum  Berlin