Dance performance Solo - 2006 - 15 minutes

“I move out because I am inside. I am inside because I moved out”.

The use of space as an architectural structure is the starting point for the development of the solo. The idea is to inhabit space with a clear identity. There are points which are touched and occupied by the moving body in space, expressing itself though movements. The movement itself changes its colour through the different qualities.

(…) Die Tänzerin trägt ihr Herz auf dem Rücken. Mit großer Klarheit spielt es mit gezielten Verschiebungen von Blickrichtungen, von Gewicht, von Energie. Im Kleinen zeigt Raffaella Galdi das große Potential von Tanz.

Constanze Klementz  - Berliner Morgenpost - 30 Juli 2005

(…) so clearly centred within motion, heartbeat and life. Raffaella Galdi, who has worked with numerous choreographers throughout Europe over the last years, has created a dance piece which communicates between body and architecture, life and space.

oscillate it - Webzine for bastard culture - January 16 2006

(…) ihre Erkundung des Raumes bleibt souverän im Fluss, sie zieht den Saal wie eine Jacke an. 

Uwe Salzbrenner - SZ, Montag 11. November 2006

Concept, choreography and dance: Raffaela Galdi

Sound: Alexander Sieber

Music: Ikue Mori - “The Pit and the Pendulum”

Light: Lutz Deppe & Arthur Stäldi

Costumes: K&R

Duration: 15 minutes

Produced by Raffaella Galdi and supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin, Rui Horta, Monte Moro - O - Novo, Portugal, Tanztage Festival

Awards: 2003 third prize in the “Das beste Tanz solo” contest, Euroscene Festival in Leipzig. 2006 Audience Prize, TANZherbst Festival - Sächsischen Staatsoper Dresden.

Touring: Kulturfabrik Luxembourg, TANZherbst Festival Dresden, Tanznacht 2006 - Academie der Künst Berlin, Eis Fabrik Hannover , Theater TanzSpeicher - Würzburg


The first sketch of the solo was created in 2002 during a one-month choreography workshop conducted by Rui Horta. In 2003, a short version of Legna won the third prize in the “Das beste Tanz solo” contest, in Leipzig. On July 28, 2005, the ten-minute version of the solo had its premiere in Dock 11, Berlin. In 2006, the current version of Legna was chosen to be presented during the Tanztage Festival in Berlin. It premiered in the Sophiensaele on January 9, 2006.