Modes of locomotions

MODES of locomotions  

Dance performance  - 2007 and 2009 - 30 minutes


Two people, text and dance, words and music meet in encounters that touch us through their physical, emotional and psychological qualities and thus move something inside of us. They guide us on paths and detours, show us their strengths and weaknesses and let us experience ups and downs. The essential thought is that meetings, no matter of what kind, intensity and tempo, always move something inside and around us.


“(...) Man möchte an diesem Abend immer tiefer hinein”.

Astrid Kaminski / Copyright © 2010 Verlag Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ausgabe 01. April 2010

(...) die "Modes of locomotion" enden abrupt - auf die mögliche Weiterentwicklung des Stückes, das in seinem Konzept seit 2007 besteht, darf der Zuschauer jedoch gespannt sein”.

Antje Bissinger / Tanzportal Bayern, Access to Dance, München, 30.03.2010

“(...) perfekt getanzt “.

Anne Peters, Copyright © 2009 Nürnberger Presse, 23. 11.2009

(...) I was amazed that it is still possible to invent new movements that are as unusual and beautiful as the circles in the middle part of the piece (...). Petr Karlovsky, Photographer / Monday 12th November 2007


creation: 2007 and 2009 - 30 minutes

concept, choreography: Raffaella Galdi

dance: Raffaella Galdi and Elisabeth Stockinger (Eva Sutter)

sound: Alexander Sieber

text: Raffaella Galdi

lights: Raffaella Galdi (light adviser: Lutz Deppe)

voice: Elke Pusl

costumes: K&R

dramaturgy, assistance: Mira Moschallski

video and photos: Carlos Bustamante

production: Raffaella Galdi and artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig

                  Supported by Studio LaborGras Berlin, fabrik Potsdam in the  frame of  Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residence.

Thanks to Tanzfabrik Berlin, Gelber Raum, Jutta Polic and Nicholas Elliott


MODES of locomotion - Solo I, 10.11.2007, TanzHerbst Festival, Dresden.

MODES of locomotion - Duo, 21.11.2009 Kulturforum Festival, Fürth

touring: Swan Day Festival Berlin, Tanztendenzen Festival Greifswald, Italienisch Tanzherbst Festival 2008 Berlin, fabrik Potsdam, Lucky Trimmer Berlin, Theaterfestival Outlet Braunschweig, Studio LaborGras Belin, Fürth Kulturforum, i-camp neus Theater Munich, Festival Theater Heilbronn, Festival Teatro Kismet Bari Italy, OFF label Festival Udine Italy, Eis Fabrik Hannover.

history: research project “modes