Dance performance and installation - 2007 - 40 minutes 

Ugo is a project aimed at stimulating the audience’s perception through a combination of dance, drawing, music and text. The artists have brought together four different artistic mediums, each stamped with the distinctive character of its maker, to ask the audience to find the links they have worked on creating. Ugo is an open invitation to the audience’s senses and, particularly, to its interpretation. Ugo is not being performed on a stage or in a typical theatre space. The audience is guided into the space by a structure of drawings placed on the floor while the dancer performs a structured improvisation based on physical qualities exploring perception of space and linking rhythmically and energetically to the pre-recorded text and music. The text features a simple narrative but also fuses with the sound design to function as pure sound.

creation: 2007 - 40 minutes

concept, choreography, dance: Raffaella Galdi

sound: Emre Sevindik

light: Lutz Deppe and Tomek Ness

text and voice: Nicholas Elliott

drawings: Floriano Secciani

costume: Christophe Linérè

video: Andrea Kiez, Tanztage Festival 2007, Sophiensaelle Berlin

production: Raffaella Galdi, artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig in collaboration with Tanztage  Festival Berlin

financial support: from the Italian Institution of Culture in Berlin

premier: 12th January 2007, Sophiensaelle Berlin,  Tanztage Festival

touring 13th and 14th January 2007, Sophiensaelle, Berlin

Interview to Raffaella Galdi, November 2008