dance performance - 2017 - 20 minutes

Slave, but grateful of its shell, the turtle is a metaphor of the relations among human beings. The shell, that can be heavy and rigid, is also supportive and protecting what is inside, which is soft and vulnerable. Shall and turtle are absolutely indispensable one to the other, as it is within the relationships and the bonds we have with our loved ones and sometimes even with strangers.

The dancers, constantly in relation even when not in physical contact, create a network of permanent transformation, exchange and co-dependency by focusing their attention/intention on shifting their and each other body weight.

The dance performance “Turtle” is one of the results of an on-going research process called “human bodies words objects”.

Concept, Choreography, Lights and Costume: Raffaella Galdi

Dance: Laura Giuntoli and Lina Kukulis

Music: “Night Rain” and “ Cachoeira” / Aukai Ensemble - Markus Sieber, Jamshied Sharifi, Bogdan Djukic, Alexander Nickmann

Text and voice: Maria De Duenas

Dramaturgy: Robert Gaspard

Produced by InCorpo/Raffaella Galdi, Laura Giuntoli, Lina Kukulis

Supported by Tanz und Theatre Phynixtanzt/Studio Berlin, Progetto Maia Genoa, Italy/Theatre Akropolis (Artist in Residency)

Premier: 21st and 22nd October 2017 - ada Studio Berlin

Premier (6 minutes version): 8th and 9th April 2017 - ada Studio Berlin

Studio showing: 11th March 2017 - Urbanraum Studio Berlin