human bodies words objects

human bodies words objects

Research Project

(starting in 2013)

In this research project Raffaella Galdi works with three elements, their mutual influence and their possible connection: dance,  text and objects. While they interact and affect each other, each of the three elements has the same amount of importance and has its own specific research focus. Thematically, Galdi likes to bring attention to what constitutes personality, particularly what in people is differentiated within the common, what is recognised in each of us as something unique and individual.


Based on the observation that every human being is a growing and transformative personality in relation to his environment and his own perception of that environment, Galdi explores the idea of a continuous shifting of weight, in the body and in space, and its continuation into movement sequences. This physical investigation is also largely developed within her teaching method.


Galdi intents to collect short interviews made with volunteers. These interviews focus on personality and are based on the sentence “I am…..“ or “I am not....”. Each individual is defining himself, within the present moment, by creating a full sentence, by expressing a “self concept” (who they believe they are). The interviews are recorded on tape.


Galdi chose to use a series of simple, differently shaped facial imprints made of plaster, all alike but yet different, here named “plaster masks”. Forty-four have already been produced between 2002 and 2007 (more info). Raffaella Galdi is also researching on the historical, sociological, cultural, artistic uses of masks, in order to have an overview on their meaning.

From the exploration conducted till now the dance duo performance "Turtle" has been created.  It had its premier on 8th April 2017 in ada Studio Berlin.


Research / In studio

May 2017 - PhynixTanzt Studio


Raffaella Galdi, concept/direction

Laura Giuntoli, dance

Lina Kukulis, dance

Clara Conza

Katia Pagni

Marie Rechsteiner 

November and December 2016


Veronika Fried, voice-singing

Raffaella  Galdi, concept/direction

Laura Giuntoli, dance

Lina Kukulis, dance

Physical investigation / Workshop  (more  info) 

A continuous shift of weight

June and July 2013, Studio LaborGras Berlin

September and October 2013, Studio LaborGras Berlin

March till December 2014, PhynixTanzt Studio and Tanzfabrik Berlin

30th March till 3rd April 2015 PhynixTanzt Studio Berlin - Workshop

6th till 10th November 2015  PhynixTanzt Studio Berlin - Workshop

25th till 28th October 2016 in PhynixTanzt Studio Berlin - Workshop

11th March 2017 in Urbanraum Studio Berlin - Workshop


The relationship between texts and dance

Impro Series / Site specific performances (more info)

Impro n. 3 - The travelling I am (2017)

Impro n. 4 - Eating or not eating (2017)

Impro n. 6 - The Garden (2017)


Raffaella  Galdi: concept/direction

Laura Giuntoli, Lina Kukulis, Katia Pagni and Marie Rechsteiner: dance

Sara and David Bloom, Romi Gebauer, Marie Goeminne, Trinidad Martinez, Jamille Navarro, Paola Mazzarello, Yuki Fujikawa, Andrea Jenni and Berliner citiziens: text-interviews

Winter melting

 short piece for the Danceworks students TAB II

29th and 30th June 2017

Danceworks School - Berlin


TAB II´s students

Impro n. 2 - The group

28th May 2016

Studio Showing in PhynixTanzt Studio Berlin


Raffaella  Galdi, concept/direction

Marta Agopar, Giulia Amici, Alessandra Agostini, Clara Conza, Laura Giuntoli and Lina Kukulis: dance

Sara Bloom, Romi Gebauer, Marie Goeminne,  Trinidad Martinez and  Elisabeth Stockinger: text-interviews

Mask and Interviews  making (more info)

First event

It took successfully place in summer 2013, from 8th July till 23rd August, in Berlin. 32 masks and interviews have been realised.

Second event

It took place between January and May 2014, in Berlin, Köln and Genoa, Italy. 15 masks and interviews has been realised.

Third event

It took place in July 2017, in Berlin. 25 interviews has been realised.